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Missing People / London

Area Full name of person sought Grade # Message views Added Pic.
London Vitalija Narstyte 0 (#0) 6601 22.12 Hallo I am seraching for my missing sister.I know that she is living in London.She is tall lithuania
London Dana Abdulkader Abdulhafiz 0 (#0) 4243 17.12 Îáàäè ìè ñå ñëúí÷èöå.
London robert james wilkinson 0 (#0) 3808 08.12 Hi m8y long time no see.
London Micheal wilkinson 0 (#0) 3502 08.12 Hi m8y long time no see
London Reggie Duhyy 0 (#0) 3480 08.12 Hi reggie its Allan from fortis green ,east finchley we both went to martins infant school.
London Simon Russell Luton 0 (#0) 3585 16.11 Your Father is not in the best of health & would like to hear from you. Please contact
London Kenneth Easy 0 (#0) 5201 06.11 Lloydy, we miss you. We have important information to tell you, and Grandma is is the country. She r
London Malcolm Pike 0 (#0) 3670 05.10 You have a son, who wishes to find you, his mothers name was Gale Denton, 30 years ago, and she was
London helene jackson 0 (#0) 3596 08.09 looking for my mother whose maiden name was edwards her married name was mcdonald.the last time i sa
London Joshua Samuels 0 (#0) 3588 19.03 Description: tall/slim, approx 5ft9, slim,mother is black/light-skinned Grenadian , Joshua is very f

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