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vivien atkin or griffiths

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vivien if you can would you please contact me.I am your sister Pat and I really miss you I know its been many years since you left but none of that matters.You are still loved and missed by all of us.I understand that you may have a new family I promise I will be very discreat love you always Pat

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Posted by patricia jones
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Surname of person soughtatkin or griffiths
First name (or initial) of person soughtvivien
Relationship to person soughtFamily Member
Reason for seeking this personI love her very much
Person was last known to be living:dudley
Any other relevant informationshe is a natural redhead had 2 boys by her first huband she is one of 5 children born to Patrck and ruth Maguire born 05/04 1949 in birmingham. married David Atkin in march 1969 was divorced in 1978.believed to have married a man named GRIFFITHS in 1979 i

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