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Missing People / Eastern / Essex

Area Full name of person sought Grade # Message views Added Pic.
Essex Jonathon Smith 0 (#0) 4048 07.06 Last seen in the Little Hadam area on the morning of Sunday 2nd June.  Has connections In Harlow, Bi
Essex Alan Leo (Vincey or Vincent) Wells 0 (#0) 4670 08.09  I have a wedding certificate for Alan F V Wells to Frances Thelma Rushmer they were married in Roch
Essex David Charles Thomason. 0 (#0) 2897 03.03 Please make contact it's been too many years David .  Mother
Essex Simon Johan thomason 0 (#0) 2595 03.03 Please Simon make contact mother.
Essex Charles Anthony Harvey 0 (#0) 2648 16.11 seeking father since 1980 if you manage to read this message please get in touch.  Martin (Harvey) s
Essex David greenfield 0 (#0) 3028 14.03 I'm trying to find my brother David greenfield, he will be about 33-34 now, he has a little gir
Essex Opaleine Sacha Carlin 0 (#0) 3958 10.09 I really really need my daughter who is nearly 6 years old to know that she has her daddy in Austral
Essex STEVEN A REEDER 0 (#0) 3767 25.07 i want my jewerlery back- it has  sentimental value
Essex Karen Eva Carter/Dempsey 0 (#0) 3901 14.09 Looking for my Mother, has a daughter named hayley with her, was living in the great Yarmouth area n
Essex Shaun & Janine Beecham 0 (#0) 4073 08.07 Sean Covey would like to meet up with Bradley. We heard you have also moved to Uk ex SA please conta

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