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Missing People / West Midlands / West Midlands
West Midlands

Area Full name of person sought Grade # Message views Added Pic.
West Midlands Mark Julian Simmons Park 0 (#0) 4167 17.12 No news for two years, really need to get in touch
West Midlands david robert russell 0 (#0) 4821 21.11 david please get in contact whith me as soon as possible its about mom and nan please dont be afraid
West Midlands Stephen Hadley 0 (#0) 11940 23.03 Stephen has been missing for 3 years, he was last seen in Walsall on September 20th 2006.
He is gre
West Midlands shane matthew bishop 0 (#0) 6656 14.01 I am looking for my brother shane bishop and most of the time goes under the name matthew bishop whi
West Midlands Eric Yates 0 (#0) 4854 15.11 Looking for my uncle
Eric Yates born circa 1920+
Was living in Rushall Walsall
in the 1960s
West Midlands william george osborne 0 (#0) 4629 23.09 i am trying to trace a william george osborne he was born in 1953 parents were olive and harold osbo
West Midlands Marcus Adrian Carroll 0 (#0) 4873 13.06 I am looking for my brother Marcus. DOB Dec 1979 I havent been in contact with him for around 6-7 yr
West Midlands Edward MCguire 0 (#0) 5632 24.04 I am trying to find the father of my 7 year old son, His parents used to run a pub called The Kingsh

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