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Missing People / West Midlands
West Midlands

Herefordshire 1

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West Midlands 8

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Area Full name of person sought Grade # Message views Added Pic.
West Midlands Elizabeth Lettoff nee Thompson 0 (#0) 12940 09.11 left the west Midlands around June or July 1969/70 apparently to go to London. If Elizabeth or anyon
West Midlands Sonia Russell nee Mears 0 (#0) 7960 05.10 Hello Sonia, D.O.B. 5th October 1958?
It's Maureen and I have been looking for you for a long
West Midlands Sarah O Leray 0 (#0) 7368 11.10 looking for my cousin sarah o leary,last known address, 32 hampton road coventry,sarah would be apro
West Midlands DOOREEN, L, SOUTHALL 0 (#0) 7686 17.05 does anyone know where, dooreen, and paul southall moved to.?
they used to live in george close,nea
West Midlands Barry Francis Nash 0 (#0) 10966 08.04 Barry, if you see this, you need to ring 999 and tll them where you are and they will take you back
West Midlands lee stuart thompson 0 (#0) 8027 30.01 if anyone knows where my son is, please ask him to contact his mom, yvonne thompson, to let me know
West Midlands vivien atkin or griffiths 0 (#0) 8131 07.06 vivien if you can would you please contact me.I am your sister Pat and I really miss you I know its
West Midlands jason farmer 0 (#0) 8670 08.05 I will like to find my english friend Jason Farmer.  Jason Farmer, has worked by Rover, love diving,
West Midlands graham whyte 0 (#0) 9148 10.12 looking to find my nephew
West Midlands Leon Michael Carroll 0 (#0) 8495 13.06 .I am looking for my brother leon DOB sept 78. I believe he is currently living in Coventry but have

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